Glamour shopping-week: ASOS skirts

Well, here are my first purchases of the glamour shopping week. I’ve taken advantage of the 20% discount and ordered two skirts from ASOS. The first one is a high-waisted pencil skirt made of red lace.

The reason for buying it is quite simple: I just can’t get enough of pencil skirts! They are ultra feminine and make a bomb hourglass figure. This one differs significantly from all the pencil skirts I’ve ever owned because of its colour and fabric.

The second skirt is a high-waisted sequined mini. I’ve ordered it in classic black but there are more colours available. Especially the bronze one is really gorgeous and I’m thinking about buying it as well.

The reason for this purchase is as follows: I’ve recently realized that I hardly have any party clothes. Two weeks ago I went to a disco with a friend of mine (for the first time since years!) and it was really difficult to choose an appropriate outfit.

My “adult” wardrobe is full of silk delicate blouses and dresses plus heavy wool skirts and trousers plus about 20 cashmere sweaters (these you need living in Hamburg) which are not really suitable for sweating on the dance floor.

I also didn’t want to wear jeans because it’s something I wear almost everyday and I wanted my party outfit to be a bit more festive. Thus I was looking for a sequined piece that doesn’t cost a fortune and I’m glad I’ve found it on ASOS.

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