Stella McCartney Ready-to-Wear Winter 2012

Although the summer in Hamburg has not yet started properly, it is time to actively deal with the trends of the coming season. Because the fashion year is known to be far ahead of the calendar year and the shops are gradually filling up with the new collections.

So let’s have a look at Stella McCartney. Her winter is all about broad shoulders, creases, Marlene trousers, flared skirts, opulent patterns and hourglass silhouettes. The designer remains true to herself and as always combines sporty, masculine, elegant and feminine elements in one collection.

The dominant color of Stella McCartney ready-to-wear winter 2012 is the electrifying blue, combined tone on tone, with white, black or brown. My personal favorites are all the pieces with the stunning hourglass silhouette, especially the knit dress and the knit suit.

Stella McCartney Ready-to-Wear Winter 2012

Stella McCartney Ready-to-Wear Winter 2012


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