Go Green, Part II

Here is another piece from my green collection. I love this sweater for its deep colour and the extremely warm and cuddly material. By the way, green is quite easy to combine. With black, I’ve chosen the simplest way. But there are many more possibilities. Some women are afraid of colours, because they don’t know how to combine these. And yet all we need is just to look around. There are countless inspirations in the nature. Just imagine an eggplant. Or autumn leaves. Or a field of flowers. Or a tomato, strawberry, cranberry, or any other vegetable or fruit. This way we can find extravagant and yet harmonious combination possibilities: Green with different shades of red, green with orange and yellow, green with blue, green with purple etc. Try it out – it’s fun!

Pullover und Hose H&M Trend, Kette Etro, Tasche Chanel, Pumps Miu Miu 

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