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Bargain Hunting: Dolce & Gabbana Sale!

Can someone please hide my credit cards from me? The Dolce & Gabbana sale has just started and I just love love love so many things! It’s bad enough that I’m a huge fan of Dolce & Gabbana, furthermore their current autumn-winter collection is simply brilliant. These patterns, these materials, these colors! A bracelet and earrings with flowers and cameos? Gorgeous! A purse with a rabbit motif? Adorable! Sensual lace dresses? Absolutely iconic! Even pieces with leopard print (which as you guys know I used to dislike) are tempting…

Dolce & Gabbana Sale

Dolce & Gabbana Sale

Dolce & Gabbana Sale

dolce & gabbana sale

dolce & gabbana sale


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Trend Turns Classic: The Leopard Print

Today I’m writing about an old good trend. A trend that was particularly popular in the 80s and was then regarded as a fashion sin and banished from our closets. In recent years it has celebrated such a brilliant comeback that we can now call it a classic. Of course I mean the leopard print, which remains popular in the coming season. Thus, we see wild cats at Anna Sui, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney and Max Mara spring-summer fashion shows, just to name a few ones.

But caution: leopard print can quickly look vulgar and cheap. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use this element sparingly and wisely. The challenge is not to look like a hooker wearing pieces with leopard print. This means that net tights are not quite a good idea. The same applies for red lips, low-cut necklines, mini skirts, sky high heels, skin-tight styles and anything else that looks sexy and wicked. Instead, you should try to “defuse” the leopard print.

So how to style leopard print? There are two possibilities: either in a classic safari style with chinos, shorts and shirt-dresses in colors like sand, brown, beige and khaki, or mixing different styles. For example, make it edgy in combination with distressed denim, chunky knit, loose silhouettes, masculine elements and flat shoes or girlish with chiffon, lace, floral prints, polka dots, bows and frills. Style professionals like Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo show us how it goes.

I must confess that I haven’t really been a huge fan of the leopard print. On one hand I didn’t want to conform to the popular stereotype that Eastern European women have a special fondness for the wild cat look. On the other hand I didn’t really like any garment with this pattern. Thus, I’ve only bought two scarves with leopard print so far. However, when I look at the resort collection 2013 by Stella McCartney, I think that I could still change my mind…

Left Anna Sui SS 2013, right Stella McCartney resort 2013

Stella McCartney leopard print resort collection 2013Stella McCartney resort 2013

Left 3.1 Phillip Lim SS 2013, right Max Mara SS 2013

Max Mara leopard print SS 2013Max Mara SS 2013


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Go Green, Part II

Here is another piece from my green collection. I love this sweater for its deep colour and the extremely warm and cuddly material. By the way, green is quite easy to combine. With black, I’ve chosen the simplest way. But there are many more possibilities. Some women are afraid of colours, because they don’t know how to combine these. And yet all we need is just to look around. There are countless inspirations in the nature. Just imagine an eggplant. Or autumn leaves. Or a field of flowers. Or a tomato, strawberry, cranberry, or any other vegetable or fruit. This way we can find extravagant and yet harmonious combination possibilities: Green with different shades of red, green with orange and yellow, green with blue, green with purple etc. Try it out – it’s fun!

Pullover und Hose H&M Trend, Kette Etro, Tasche Chanel, Pumps Miu Miu 

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Go Green!

Currently, I am crazy about green. After lime and mint green last summer I have now discovered the wintry shades: emerald green, bottle green, moss green, pine green, frog green, environmental green and all the rest of them. Now I find the Valentino green coat that I bought 2 years ago in Florence more beautiful than ever. But because one thing in the favorite color is of course not enough for me, I have purchased a sweater, a knit dress shown below and a silk blouse in dark green over the past 3 months. To be continued: I already have a Sandro sweater in mind…

Knit dress COS, blouse Equipment, necklace Etro, loafers Tod’s, bag Chanel, ring YSL

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Things I Would Never Wear: Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Some of you will probably hate me for this post, but I have to get rid of it now: I’m definitely fed up with Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita! These chunky platform booties are simply omnipresent. The darlings of the international street style scene appear every day on blogs, in magazines and on the streets, in black, beige and khaki, in suede and leather, with spikes and without… Are these the only shoes in the world? In my opinion, the Litas look just like hooves and also cause an odd gait. Have you ever seen a foal that learns to walk? This is exactly the way an average Lita-wearer moves. And since I don’t want to look in high heels like a helpless baby horse, I leave the lumps… sorry, the Litas to the others.

Jeffrey Campbell LitaImages:

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Blogger of the Day: Jane Aldridge

Jane Aldridge has a truly enviable collection of shoes. Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, Comme des Garcons, Givenchy, Dries van Noten, Marni and Margiela, just to name a few brands that are in her possession. On her blog she puts her darlings for over five years skillfully in scene by making up beautiful outfits using vintage and designer pieces. And yet is the American only incredible 20 (!) years old.

In addition to the keen sense of fashion Jane Aldridge has also a striking appearance. Just as Cosette Munch she impresses with a red mane, a doll-like face and a flawless porcelain complexion. With her blog Jane Aldridge has actually managed to draw fashion industry’s attention. Thus she was able to design her own shoe line for the Urban Outfitters and has also collaborated with Gryphon.

Jane Aldridge


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Stella McCartney Ready-to-Wear Winter 2012

Although the summer in Hamburg has not yet started properly, it is time to actively deal with the trends of the coming season. Because the fashion year is known to be far ahead of the calendar year and the shops are gradually filling up with the new collections.

So let’s have a look at Stella McCartney. Her winter is all about broad shoulders, creases, Marlene trousers, flared skirts, opulent patterns and hourglass silhouettes. The designer remains true to herself and as always combines sporty, masculine, elegant and feminine elements in one collection.

The dominant color of Stella McCartney ready-to-wear winter 2012 is the electrifying blue, combined tone on tone, with white, black or brown. My personal favorites are all the pieces with the stunning hourglass silhouette, especially the knit dress and the knit suit.

Stella McCartney Ready-to-Wear Winter 2012

Stella McCartney Ready-to-Wear Winter 2012


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Shoe of the Day: Miu Miu Glitter Pumps

My first thought at the sight of these glitter pumps by Miu Miu: Welcome to Wonderland. And my second thought: Yes, I do. I do want to have these sparkling golden treasures on my feet and never take them off again. I already imagine how great the most boring jeans-sweater combination would look with these pumps – suddenly exciting and suitable for a party. To be precise, pretty much any outfit would get an instant glamor factor with these shoes. Finally, with this pair I would be well equipped for a trip to Wonderland. And I’ve always wanted to go there …

Miu Miu Plateau-Pumps mit GlitterThese dazzling Miu Miu glitter-finish leather pumps are available at Mytheresa and


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Summer Sale Highlights: Floral Prints by My-Wardrobe

Floral prints are a huge trend this summer and for all those who still lack a cute floral piece, the summer sale of the online store is a real must. There you’ll find the largest selection of designer blouses, pants and dresses with floral prints up to 50% off! Here are my favorites and a few styling suggestions:

Blumenmuster floral prints sommer sale summer saleSportmax blouse with interchangable stud collar

Sportmax cigarette trousers with zip details

Sportmax floral dress with patent grosgrain panels

Bartolomea floral print v-neck silk blouse by Malene Birger

DKNY Eva print cropped silk blouse

DKNY Eva print ankle skinny pant with seam details

Blumenmuster floral prints sommer sale summer saleD&G floral print chiffon blouse

D&G floral print cotton capri

The easiest way to wear floral prints: flowers from head to toe. Whether pants + blouse, blazer + pants, blouse + skirt, matching or with different floral patterns – mixing is allowed and even desirable! It is absolutely in, if you look like a walking flower meadow. Designers, stylists and bloggers show us how it goes.

Another possibility is to mix floral prints with solid color pieces. In combination with neutral colors such as for instance black, white, nude and cream floral prints can be made quite suitable for the office.


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